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Background Checks


Background checks are an important part of any hiring plan for the simple reason that they keep your employees and your customers safe. We’ve all seen the news reports about attacks in the workplace. While these headline-grabbing incidents are thankfully few and far between, other crimes happen on the job every single day.

Failing to properly screen your employees doesn’t just put you at risk for being a victim of a crime, but it puts your business at risk as well. If you hire someone with a history of violent crime and they hurt someone while on the job — you are responsible. 

Drug Screening


Although many aspects of society are harmed by illicit drug use and abuse, it is especially detrimental in the workplace. Not only can it lower the productivity and revenue of a business, but it can also place employees at risk. In fact, depending on the line of work, the drug abuse of an employee could have fatal consequences. 

  • Employee Safety
  • Reduced Turnover 
  • Manage Medical Costs
  • Performance
  • Productivity & Profits